Internet Access Services

Digital Junction Networks currently provides numerous types of Internet Access Services tailored to variety of needs and special circumstances.  Each service type is customized to the individual client's needs.  

Digital Junction Networks also provides temporary Internet Access and Voice Services, including WiFi wide area access for construction or clean-up sites, as well as temporary community events and group activities locations, such as large concerts, outdoor or indoor gatherings, special multi-day community events.  

The various services offered by Digital Junction Networks are listed in the gray panel on the left hand side of this page, just click on the desired services to review our offerings.  If your particular needs are not addressed in our offerings, please contact us to discuss your needs.  We will do our very best to develop a service plan to meet your needs and fit your budget ... We are very willing to work on specialized or custom connectivity projects. 

Don't forget ... we can also provide Voice over IP Telephone Services as part of any of our IP network service plans...!  





















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